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"Furnishing is not simply putting some pieces of furniture in a room". It's definitely much more...

Understand and realize projects for each specific customer.

From an experience that has been handed down since 1894, when was founded an artisan shop of hand-made wooden goods that nowadays is Atmosfera, to a dynamic and creative company that looks at the FUTURE creating projects of exclusive beauty.


Everything we do, is well done

This is what our faithful customers use to say after the realization of the homes of their dreams.

Our Staff

Home Philosophy

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The new collection at MADE Expo 2015

MADE expo is a privileged meeting platform for manufacturers, architects, designers, building contractors and building construction professionals.


ContractOur references

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 We wish to thank our customers for the trust given and we are grateful to them because they have allowed us to realize their dreams.

2017 Catalogues

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